2017-2018 Staff

Nick Borchich


This is Nick Borchich, a junior who is a reporter for UAIS United who is an avid participant in Boy Scouts and Quiz Bowl. When he isn't busy doing HL math homework, he loves to listen to rock music, look into politics, and hang o...

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Abbey Herrmann


Abbey is a junior at the Utica Academy for International Studies, and a writer for the newspaper. She plays volleyball for Stevenson High School and is a 3-year varsity starter. She also plays club volleyball for Michigan Elit...

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Cesare Manzella


Cesare Manzella is a junior at the Utica Academy for International Studies and is a first year UAIS United reporter. His favorite pass times include watching sports, spending time with his friends, and listening to music. In addition...

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Alec Tryan


Alec Tryan is a senior that loves history and working on computers. He plans on going to Michigan State University to study computer science and video game design. Of the several clubs that he is in, the most important to him...

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Nicole Nugent


Nicole Nugent is a junior at UAIS. She's a 3rd year varsity tennis player for Utica High School and works at Culvers. When she's not serving it up on the court she is serving you ice cream at Culvers.  ...

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Celina Cambare


Celina Cambare is a junior at UAIS, an editor for the UAIS United Newspaper, and an editor for the UAIS Yearbook. She is a third-year varsity swimmer for Stevenson High School and swims club in her off season. She is a w...

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Ryan Nick

Editor In Chief

Ryan Nick is a Junior, involved in the Varsity Debate Team, and a Sterling Heights Police Department Explorer. He aspires to be employed by the FBI or to become a Conservation Officer. In his free time, he loves to play guitar,...

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