2019-2020 Staff

Daniel Mihailovic


Senior 2019-2020

Nicole Kuchta


Hello. I am Nicole Kuchta. I am an author on this newspaper website. I am Jake McQueen's friend. My interests include: science, math, art, fashion, and social justice. I plan on bringing attention to fashion trends at IB and the...

Luc LeMerise


Hello! My name is Luc and I am an author for the UAIS United newspaper. I write about the laws passed in Michigan and how they are relevant to us as students. Most Michigan laws are found online at legislature.mi.gov, but if you wish to know more, contact me at my email: [email protected]

Jake McQueen


Hello. I am Jake McQueen. I am an author on this newspaper website. I am Nicole Kuchta's friend. My interests include: Yoda. My interests also include: breakfast, games, bread and other grain products, science and math, and Daniel...

Jessica Myny


Senior 2019-2020 2nd year Yearbooker and UAIS United Writer

Isabella Feaheny

Hey y'all, I'm Isabella and I'm a junior here at UAIS. I like writing about all sorts of things, from ADHD to vegetarianism. And, of course, I love yearbook!

Pranshu Thakur

My name is Pranshu Thakur. I'm a junior. I am in Key Club and National Honors Society. I like to watch Netflix. I like biking and going on walks. I like hanging out with my friends. I always complete my work on time. I like to...

Laina Heydens

Hi my name is Laina  Heydens and I'm a junior here at UAIS. I figure skate and am involved in french club, national honors society, and the french national honors society. I coach young kids how to figure skate, and enjoy teaching...

Natalie Safo

Hi everyone:) I am currently a junior at UAIS and I'm an active member of Key Club, HOSA, Student Voice Committee, Fashion Show, and Amnesty International. Some of my hobbies include watching youtube, playing fortnite and tennis....