December 3, 2018

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The Case for The Office

Christian Media, Guest Writer

May 30, 2018

The Office is an amazing NBC comedy series featuring a wide array of outstanding actors and characters within it. The series is about a documentary of an American workplace based at the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper company ...

The Case for Friends

Olivia Slewa, Guest Writer

May 30, 2018

"Friends" has been a highly rated television series since its debut in the 90's. The popularity of the show quickly regained as pop culture and mainstream trends have reinvented old school and vintage favorites including music,...

The Case for Apple

Mr. Dobbie, Guest Writer

May 30, 2018

When asked to write a defense of the Apple iOS over that of Android, I had to think…should I compose this on my iMac, my Macbook Air, my iPad or my iPhone?  (I’m going with the Air.) Maybe I’ll listen to some music, now...

The Case for Android

George Paul, Guest Writer

May 30, 2018

As technology becomes more prevalent in everyone’s lives, the choice between different types of technology becomes increasingly important as well. While looking for their next smart phone, almost everyone is faced with the same...

The Case Against Arming Teachers

Ryan Nick, Editor-In-Chief

April 16, 2018

In the United States, gun control has been a topic of heated debate for quite some time, and after recent school shootings, possible solutions have been proposed across both political aisles to solve the problem of school shootings. However,...