CMPL proudly presents new North Branch building

CMPL proudly presents new North Branch building

Charlotte Hall, Reporter

The emergence and quarantine of the coronavirus issued complications for many local businesses. However, the Clinton Macomb Public Library (CMPL) managed to strive throughout the hardships despite the odds. Now, all can view the fruit of their perseverance through the new, larger building for the North Branch library, offering a myriad of media, movies, and more!

Back in 2017, the CMPL board of directors noticed that the North Branch item catalog greatly exceeded the space they had available.

“The current North Branch has been very successful, averaging 10,000 visits per month, but has outgrown its space,” says. “For each item added to the collection we have to remove one to create space.”

The construction of the new North Branch, originally scheduled to be completed in early 2020, officially ended September 19, 2020, resulting in a building four times the size of its predecessor.

Moreover, not only does the new building have more space to include more inventory, but it also has new features available to the public. The new North Branch has a built in drive-thru for both drop off and pick up for those who are in a hurry. Moreover, the new building not only holds a larger amount of tables, both indoors and outdoors, for guests to utilize, but also individual, sound muffling study rooms available for reservation through online and in-person means.

“The new building’s larger size means that we are able to not only have more spaces for guests to sit at, but we can also spread out the tables more,” says Gretchen Krug, head of CMPL’s North Branch and spatial planning. “We are able to create spaces that feel more personal and private for guests to enjoy.”

The new North Branch seems to be a worthy investment as the public’s opinion of the new building is up and rising.

“I definitely prefer this new building,” says Antonio Richards, a long-term CMPL residential member. “This new building feels more like a place that I can stay and study at instead of just someplace I visit solely to grab books from.”

So, to UAIS readers with research to conduct for a school assignment or for anyone who wants to find a leisurely book – don’t hesitate to pay a visit to CMPL’s fabulous new North Branch at 54100 Broughton Road in Macomb, Michigan.