Students compete in the first Winter Olympics in 2 years


Two students go head-to-head in an intense cup stacking battle

Casey Webber, Reporter

As the holiday break is nearing, Tuesday the 23rd of November, UAIS hosted the annual winter Olympics! Along with that came many weeks of Fun Fridays and lots of spirit.  This year, the winner of the spirit stick went to the well-deserved Wolf House as they went into the events with positivity and cheer.

The last Fun Friday event before Olympics was an intense game of cup stacking where participants would bounce a ping pong ball on the table and try to make it into a cup. Once the player got the ball in the cup, they would place a second cup on top and repeat. The first contestant to get 7 cups stacked would win points for their team, contributing to the overall standings.

In one of the most exciting events, senior Peter Wathen and freshman Essa Saeed went head-to-head in an intense battle for points. As the two close friends competed, their spirit showed, building up a rivalry which was not to be missed.

“That was a lot of fun since I know Essa pretty well. So it was fun cause he wasn’t very good and it was nice to beat him and destroy his ego. I beat a lot of people in the Fun Fridays and Essa by far was the most fun,” Peter Wathen, Tiger House senior, said.

This year would be the first time the full Olympics would be run, as last year things were very confined, meaning this was both the sophomores’ and freshmen’s first Olympics. The spirit was high as everyone was excited about the games. Everyone was dressed up for their houses and the halls were flooded with decorations. In the end, the sophomores and freshman from Croc House were lucky enough to win their first Olympics.

“It was extra fun winning. I remember the tension in the room. No one expected to win, so it was extra fun!” Martyna Krajewska, croc house sophomore, said.

With noise shakers, and cheering their teammates on, Wolf House brought home the spirit stick by a long shot. Throughout the events, even if they weren’t winning, Wolf made sure to stay positive and impersonating the true IB spirit.

“I really enjoyed this Olympics! One thing that would have been fun to experience would be the opening and closing ceremonies so I’m excited for that next year!” Kayla Adams, Wolf House, said.