Crêpe sale brings cheer after 2 years 

Junior Sophia Dobbie helps a student with their crepe.

Junior Sophia Dobbie helps a student with their crepe.

Heli Shah, Reporter

After two years, the crepe sale is back! Madame Blain and the French club board have worked hard to bring the sale back. Every year, Madame Blain sets up two crepe sales to raise money that will get donated to Haiti. She is in touch with author Mitch Albom, who created the Have Faith Haiti Mission, and has been working with him for years to help the kids there.

“[I’m] very excited, oui, oui, oui! This is important to me because the students donate everything, and everything goes to the children in Haiti who are in an orphanage. Because of Mitch Albom, they’re getting three meals a day,” French teacher, Madame Blain said.

Many of the students enjoyed getting crepes. A lot of the French students contributed to this sale by buying pie filling, nutella, whipped cream, and making the batter. Some students got many crepes with different flavors.

“I just got plain Nutella in my crepe. I only got one, but I would probably get more in the future,” freshman Cydney Mayberry said.

The crepe sale was originally set for December 3rd, however, it had to be postponed until December 9th. This was disappointing to many people, but in the end it was all okay because of the huge success that was made that morning! With the long line during lunches and people getting more than one crepe, this sale brought a lot of excitement to the students and staff. 

“Once I heard Mr. Spear was doing pizza sales, I had to make sure we got our crepe sale,” Madame said.

Students, like the upperclassmen, were excited to have crepes again. It was special for a lot of the seniors, especially the ones who are on French club board.

“Usually I work the sale and it’s exciting to see people get and enjoy them. This fundraiser is different because 100% of the proceeds go to Haiti and we can see the impact being made,” senior Lara Tinawi said.

With the help of the students, the club raised $700, including a $200 check from a parent, and every single dollar will get donated to Haiti. The kids will be extremely happy, and it couldn’t have happened without the students. There may have been a two-year gap, but crepe sales are back, and they’re just like how they used to be, incroyable!