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Aubree Clark receives scholarship from LTU as a result of great bowling career


Senior Aubree Clark signs her contract with LTU

Priya Chahil, Reporter

November 1st is one of the most stressful dates for seniors everywhere. While attending school and making sure they keep their grades up, they also have to start thinking about their future and what they want to do for the rest of their life. Every year from September to November, seniors are busy filling out and submitting college applications. 

Many students get accepted into college and end up paying for their own tuition. However, unlike most students, Aubree Clark, a senior from UAIS, earned a sports scholarship from Lawrence Technological University.

Clark applied to 6 schools during the application process.

When I first got accepted to LTU, I was so excited but also conflicted because it meant that I had to choose between LTU and other schools,” Clark said.  

Clark was accepted to other schools along with LTU, but LTU was the only school that offered her an official scholarship for bowling. Since she was younger, Clark had a passion for bowling and grew up doing it. She practiced and got better through the years. The passion and practice led to her receiving the official scholarship offer from LTU.  

“When I decided I was going to sign with LTU, I immediately felt proud of how far I had come since the beginning of high school. I’m not one to talk about my accomplishments but signing with them felt like everything I achieved meant something,” Clark said after signing on November 23, 2021.  

Clark is going to LTU on a scholarship and is going to study to become a chiropractor. Due to her constant practice since she was younger, Clark was able to achieve what many people hope to. Her talent for bowling was not only recognized but rewarded with her scholarship. 

Clark is ready for what her new future holds.

She said, “I’m really excited for my first college bowling experience, but also to become more independent at college.”   

Deciding what to do for the rest of one’s life at the age of 17 is not easy. It is something that seniors all around have to do. While the process is difficult, the outcome of getting an acceptance is very rewarding.