Astroworld concert turns tragic

Aubree Clark, Reporter

On November 1st, 2021, devastation overtook thousands of fans at the Astroworld concert during Travis Scott’s performance. Earlier in the day, thousands of fans that did not have tickets started to storm over fences so that they could have access to exclusive merch. As more and more fans began to fill the venue, space was quickly decreasing. It is estimated to have hosted over 50,000 people the night of the concert. 

After the concert, a security guard brought to light that “staff were inexperienced and rushed into the job ahead of the deadly crowd surge.”

Due to the amount of inexperienced staff, people were unable to be kept safe and contained during the surge. From the beginning of the concert to Travis Scott’s set, fans were not kept under control by staff, which led to this disaster getting out of hand. 

The rapper is said to have told fans to “rage” and edged them to move closer to the stage. Even after fans were screaming to stop the show, Travis Scott continued with his set.

 The night after Astroworld, Scott said that “[he] is absolutely devastated by what took place.”

Despite speculations that Scott knew what was happening and continued with his show, he states that he is deeply sorry for what happened and that he did not know the extremeness of the situation. The events that occurred say differently. As recorded and stated by many, Travis Scott stopped the show two times during his set: once to draw attention to someone that had passed out, and another to say that a guy was climbing a tree. 

A person that attended the concert, Neema Djavadzadeh, says that it was “hectic from the beginning.”

Djavadzadeh’s claims can help answer how the concert got so out of hand so quickly. It is still unknown what caused thousands of fans to surge to the front of the stage, but there are many investigations going on that will hopefully lead to answers. 

So far, there have been ten deaths due to this concert and many more injured. It is unclear what will happen to the people involved in the concert legally, but as of right now there is an abundance of people looking to press charges and get compensation for the distress and damages caused by the Astroworld incident.