Quiz Bowl: Buzzing into action 


Brenden Pawlicki, sophomore, reads questions at practice

Peter Wathen, Reporter

UAIS Quiz Bowl has jumped into action this year, where students participate in weekly competitions testing their knowledge in any subject areas, ranging from biology to Russian theatre to popular TV shows!  The school’s quiz bowl team practices twice a week and participates in competitions on Wednesdays during the fall and winter.

When first watching quiz bowl, it seems relatively simple.  Students compete as a member of a team and try to answer questions presented by a reader.  But, as all members can attest, every member works together to improve.  You can often see students reading questions or quizzing each other in their subject areas.

Logan Deal, UAIS senior, specializes in literature and music.  He has been a member of the team for the past four years.

“Compared to previous years, our team is looking good and has potential to do well in our MAC (Macomb Area Conference) competitions,” Deal said.

Logan Deal views this as a rebuilding year, with a focus on helping underclassmen.

“We have an awesome group of sophomores who have a lot of potential!  We have already seen a great improvement since the beginning of the school year,” Deal said.

Megs Abraham is one of the sophomores who recently joined the team.  She specializes in Greek mythology and pop culture.  When asked why she joined the team, Abraham said, “the atmosphere seemed awesome!  I think the people are really fun and I like competitive game styles.”

The team currently consistsof 3 seniors, 3 juniors, and 7 sophomores.  The team only has 3 returning members from the 2019 season, since the 2020 season was cancelled.  The large number of underclassmen really is setting the club up for success.  

The group of sophomores hasallowed the team to grow in size and areas of expertise.  The team has also gotten to know each other according to sophomore Tony Anderson. 

“It’s really nice to get to know all of my peers in contexts outside of class,” he said.

Students join the quiz bowl team for a wide variety of reasons: to enjoy trivia, be more confident in class, or to be a member of a great team!

Every student is more than welcome to come!  Mr. Dobbie and Mr. Crossen run the club and practices are every Tuesday and Thursday 2:15-3:30 in Mr. Dobbie’s room (332).