Olympic ceremonies removed from winter Olympics

Students are somber as a result


Vanessa Huynh

Despite missing Opening Ceremonies, students continue to show Olympic spirit!

Students at UAIS are down as the usual opening and closing ceremonies at Winter Olympics are removed. Throughout the program’s history, the Olympics included ceremonies to show spirit for the students’ houses and bring energy that our school is known for. These celebrations have been removed as a result of Covid and difficulty with contact tracing with the crowd being too large. Students understand the reasoning behind it, but this doesn’t mitigate their sadness.

“It is sad because it was cool for everyone to gather in the gym and show spirit,” Eve Dowding, UAIS junior, said. “But it isn’t safe to do the ceremonies anymore.”

This year’s winter Olympics were the first Olympics in 2 years. Even though students are back in school and most are vaccinated, Covid can still spread and contact tracing is very difficult in such a large crowd.

“Disappointing, but I understand the reasons behind not doing the ceremonies,” Evan Barkho, UAIS junior, said.

“It is quite sad,” junior Kevin Ng said. “But I understand the reasoning behind removing the ceremonies from Olympics.”

As these students stated, they are disappointed that the ceremonies are no longer a part of Olympics as they find them enjoyable and energetic. Even though they are disappointed with the changes, they understand the reasons behind it.