New student Max Chandzel is enjoying the challenge, camaraderie at GLKUAIS

Joshua Samuel, Reporter

This school year the seniors welcomed a new student, Maximilian Chandzel; however, not many students may know much about him. 

The change for Chandzel has been an adjustment.

“You know, like another other transition there are going to be some difficulties, but with the support of my teachers and peers, I have been able to make the transition as smooth as possible,”  he said.

Chandzel has nurtured many friendships with both the students and teachers through these few months and has even joined a few clubs. 

“I am a part of Quizbowl, which is sort of like Jeopardy, and I have been going to the Sterling Heights Rec Center after school with a bunch of my friends to play volleyball,” he said.

Chandzel is very interested in volleyball and even put it as one of his options for Winter Olympics. He is in Fox house, so the other houses may have to watch out for him. 

Chandzel’s Higher Level classes are history, English, and chemistry, while his Standard Level classes are Spanish, analysis, and online business management.   

Chandzel also said,  “I have been enjoying all of my classes, but I think Señor would get mad at me if I did not mention Spanish as my favorite.”

As one of his classes is online, Chandzel goes to the library and does his classwork there to avoid distractions and to focus. 

Chandzel also said that his “EE is in chemistry. I am researching how capsaicin (the stuff that makes peppers hot) and other stuff makes you feel hot.” 

Chandzel actually started his EE during this school year while everyone else started back in their junior year. So, he has had to work harder than everyone else to catch up and run his entire experiment during these past few months. 

At the end of the interview, Chandzel said, “I want to mention is how thankful I am for everyone accepting me into the IB program with open arms. And that I am glad that I have met so many friendly and accepting people that make feel right at home here at UAIS.” 

Chandzel is definitely grateful for everyone that has been with him throughout these past few months and is definitely looking forward to more friendships and everything else GLKUAIS has to offer.