Consiglio is coming for the Tik Tok crown  


Sophia Franz, Reporter

UAIS senior Maya Consiglio is well known on the viral social platform Tik Tok.  Since she started posting frequently in 2019, she has gained nearly 300,000 followers on her main account: Consigz. Some of Consiglio’s most popular posts feature her dancing or connecting with the multiple fandoms she is associated with, such as Harry Styles, One Direction, and Shawn Mendes. This popularity has spread onto other social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter, as well as earned her a coveted spot on a website for famous birthdays. 

One of Consiglio’s most exciting Tik Tok accomplishments so far has been growing her personal network in order to connect with many of her favorite celebrities.  This includes the prolific singer-songwriter, Shawn Mendes, whom Consiglio has been a fan of for nearly a decade.  Last year, Mendes reposted one of Consiglio’s Tik Toks, which had already amassed nearly 3 million views, and followed her back on the platform. 

“I was absolutely freaking out when he followed me back and I’m so grateful to have opportunities like this through my Tik Tok,” said Consiglio. 

However, Consiglio’s connections are not just online.  Many people in our own community, including within UAIS, are avid consumers of the content she posts.  A current UAIS junior, Victoria Aliko, has been following Consigz on Tik Tok for over a year now. 

“I originally found Maya’s Tik Tok through her One Direction content and then realized she went to my school,” said Aliko. 

Some UAIS students are inspired by Consiglio’s commitment to growing her online presence.  Olivia Puhl is a UAIS senior who is interested in the entertainment industry and one day hopes to grow her own social network. 

 “I’m really proud of Maya because she proves that you can be a good student and also have fun connecting with others online,” said Puhl. 

Due to her newfound online success, Consiglio is considering taking a more untraditional route after high school.  While she has always planned on moving to California and following her dreams of becoming a professional dancer, Consiglio hopes influencing will be the key to better opportunities and a sustainable future. 

“I am super excited to be able to grow my influencing into a possible career after high school,” said Consiglio. 

No matter where the future takes her, it is clear Consiglio is grateful for her Tik Tok following and ready to continue setting a positive online influence.