Fun Fridays heat up the competition


Kyla Palczewski, Frank Lulgjuraj, and Blake Deason – winners of B lunch Kahoot!

Ava Deason, Reporter

The House ambassadors at UAIS have been planning Fun Fridays to help hype up Olympics to the student body. During Friday lunches this November, different games have been played, like Mummy Wrap and Kahoot, to help students rack up points for their house to win the elusive spirit stick.

Alyssa Alpas, one of the seniors running the Fun Fridays, feels planning is going well.

“We have a more organized committee, so no one misses class. It’s good to be back to normal because while we had them, they were more restricted,” she said.

The first game, played on November 5th, was where teachers from each house turned into a mummy! 2 students per house would wrap their teacher in toilet paper until the timer ran out. Madame Blain, Mr. Crossen, and others participated.

Mr. Crossen was happy to support the event.

“Such activities promote the idea that our program is more than school (in the traditional sense),” he said. He also added a new idea of “feats of strength- so I can embarrass B-tags,” he jokingly said.

The underclassmen are seeing these events for the first time, but that has not stopped them from participating and showing some major spirit.

About their first Fun Friday, Georgia Alexopoulos said, “[It was] great! It was fun to participate and show school spirit.”

Last week’s Fun Friday was a Kahoot that consisted of questions such as “Which name was not one of the former houses?” or “What Does the Fox Say?” Students were screaming for their houses as they got questions correct and danced along to the music playing in the background.

A lunch seniors Precious Amuwha, Muskaan Arya, and Thomas Lei were holding the top spots for awhile, cheering each other on until they made a few mistakes, which cost them the competition.

During B lunch in particular, a table of all freshmen including Frank Lulgjuraj (Croc), Kyla Palczewski (Tiger), and Blake Deason (Wolf) won the Kahoot, showing their respective house spirit.

There’s still one more Fun Friday left for everyone to show house spirit, and the win is still up in the air, so bring on the spirit!