Meet the pilot club: StellarXplorers

Meet the pilot club: StellarXplorers

Madelyn Smith, Reporter

A new club, StellarXplorers, has started at UAIS! The club meets every Wednesday in Mr. Battaglia’s room (358). Senior Kaitlyn Pixley took the initiative to start this club. 

StellarXplorers competes in a national space design competition created by the Air Force Association (AFA). The team competes in three practice rounds and three qualification rounds before the semi-finals in February 2022. The teams are given prompts and software to utilize and answer the prompt properly. Some prompts include Satellite Orbits and Launch Operations.

“I am most excited for the actual competitions and being able to take what we’re learning and apply it to situations,” said Pixley.

The StellarXplorers club currently has two teams of 4-5 people, who each compete in the qualification rounds.

“This club is perfect for anyone interested in space exploration, graphic design, engineering, or mathematics,” said Pixley.

The competitions combine all of these topics to solve the given prompts as a team. The teams receive their scores a short time after completing their tasks.

To find more information about the competition itself, visit the AFA StellarXplorers website!

AFA StellarXplorers