2021 Charity Fashion Show hosted their first meeting

Participation shows promise for the upcoming year 


Jaden Lareau

The two directors, Jasmine Watford and Zoey Brookbanks, present the schedule for the meetings

The 2021 Charity Fashion Show had their first meeting of the year on Friday, Sept. 24th. With 56 people in attendance and 98 people overall who are interested, the board members of the Fashion Show are excited for the upcoming year of designers and models.

The 2021 Charity Fashion Show is an annual charity event run by students to raise money for the art department. It is a place where designers and models come together to combine their creative styles into different fashion lines. Then, closer to the end of the year, the board holds a show in which the lines are presented in front of a student and then judged by in-school teachers to see who created the most impressive line. This year the show will be held on April 22nd after school from 5pm – 7pm. 

The meeting itself was a hit with the students. “It was actually refreshing to see that it’s back to normal,” Joy Khan, supervisor of Fashion Show said. “Loved the overflowing of students in the classroom. It was exciting to see the eagerness in the classroom. I have full faith in my directors to produce a successful fashion show.”

“It went well, I did not expect as many people to come,” said Model Manager Lara, someone who oversees managing the models and teaching them how to walk. “I am excited for the interest, but it is scary to need to round together the 60 or so models we have.”

With 56 students attending, the art room was packed, filling every table and then some. After quieting the kids down and circling them together, the meeting proceeded with a PowerPoint presentation led by directors Jasmine Watford and Zoey bb explaining the club and the requirements asked of by the board members. Designers are asked to create at least 3 outfits per line but have the liberty to choose their models, their style, if they want to collaborate, and even if they want to be a model of their own line. The directors believe that the fashion show is a place for designers to express themselves through clothing, so they want to uphold this assertion through the allowance of creative liberties for the designers. Models are required to have no unexcused absences and are asked to make it a priority to go to every meeting.

In addition to all this, the Fashion Show is working hard to promote themselves even more, as this club is one the biggest fundraisers of the school. Considering its funding for the art department and how it encompasses the entire school, Tech. Manager Alyssa Alpas and Jaeden Lareau found it imperative to work on different social media platforms. 

“We’ve have been trying to promote the Instagram and be more present on social media,” said Alyssa. “We’ve also been making flyers and trying to find more creative ways to promote the show.”

With all this, the directors and board are looking forward to a rewarding year for the Charity Fashion Show.