Student Senate receives an influx of request forms 


At the beginning of this year, Student Senate received many request forms from the student body. During these earlier months of the school year-with many juniors and seniors aiming for their CAS hours-tons of forms were submitted to Student Senate.

For those unaware, request forms are submitted to Student Senate via a hanging bin outside of Madame’s room (room 334). Request forms are used to propose a project of sorts, such as fundraisers, clubs, or CAS activities to Student Senate who decide whether the project will be able to commence proceedings. Primarily, request forms are submitted by upperclassmen. To reach a consensus, Senate discusses the ins and outs of each project and whether it is viable to begin.

“Senate meetings usually start with request forms; we talk about the forms as a group, discuss possible problems with the idea, and decide if it’s able to work in or out of the school,” Skyler Woods, a member of Student Senate, said. “Afterwards, it’s a majority vote.”

The process of submitting request forms through Senate and getting one approved can take an upwards of 1-3 weeks, depending on when the form is turned in, the information throughout the form, and the communication of the heads of the project themselves with Senate. While some request forms may be approved, others may be tabled due to a lack of details or complications in the idea.

“Make sure [you] do [your] research, find a supervisor, and meet with them,” Mrs. Khan, Student Senate’s supervisor, said.

Many prominent clubs, fundraisers, and events originally went through Student Senate to kick start themselves. For example, the newly approved Middle Eastern Student Association, the “Have Faith Haiti” crêpe sales from French Club, and Lip Sync Battles. These enjoyable occasions, brought up by the students, keep UAIS continuing further, and are a fun way to involve students more in the community.

“There is a wide variety of clubs to choose from, they’re fun to go to, and have a lot of snacks,” Hailey Chang, a UAIS junior said.

The constant flow of request forms to Student Senate will surely bring forth new and exciting clubs, fundraisers, and events, to the school, and will allow students to involve themselves more frequently in the culture of UAIS.