Excitement brews as NYC trip approaches 


Vanessa Huynh

Junior Sandra Attisha is excited for the trip!

Vanessa Huynh , Reporter

Although Spring Break is six months away, UAIS students who are planning on attending the 2022 New York City trip are more excited than ever before. The trip will take place between April 4th and April 8th. 

Originally, the trip was supposed to be during April of 2021, but due to Covid restrictions, the trip was postponed. Now that life is getting back to normal, traveling is something that almost everyone is looking forward to. 

The main purpose of the trip is to go sightseeing, visit historical sights, and overall to enjoy all the activities that New York has to offer. For example, the first full day that students spend in NYC, they will be visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum, tour the Brooklyn Bridge, and end the night by going to a Broadway show.

Mr. Burak, UAIS psychology teacher, along with Mr. Kuhlman, UAIS theatre teacher, will be leading this trip. Mr. Burak has led many school-sponsored trips before, so he is very knowledgeable on this subject.

“[The best part of the trip is] the general experience of kids being out of their comfort zone being responsible for themselves on their own in a place that is new,” Burak said.

He also said, “For the students, my goal is that [the trip] will change the way they see the world.”

Being responsible for themselves may be exciting, but there are concerns too. Covid restrictions make travel more difficult.

“[I’m] kind of worried,” said junior Marayla Cross.

However, I travelled to Texas during the summer and it was okay. I will definitely be wearing a mask inside and outside. I am also fully vaccinated, which makes me less worried,” she said.

Other students who are planning to attend feel confident.

“I am not too worried about being away from my parents while traveling, because I know that Mr. Burak and Mr. Kuhlman will be supervising us and keeping us safe,”  said junior Sandra Attisha.

“And in my free time on the trip, I plan to take a lot of pictures and maybe go shopping,” she added.

All in all, it seems like just about everyone cannot wait until Spring Break rolls around. Those who partake in the NYC trip expect to participate in all of the attractions and make the most out of their trip, despite the Covid postponement and restrictions. If readers of UAIS United are students who are interested in attending the NYC trip, check out Mr. Burak’s website for more information.