Pizza sales have returned


Joshua Samuel  , Reporter

Almost all UAIS students and staff know that Mr. Spear has resumed pizza sale every Friday, but not everyone knows why. 

The pizza sold is so popular, it often sells out. However, when asked about the use of the money gained, most students are not aware of what the money is used for. 

Chris Cherian, a senior at UAIS, says “I know Mr. Spear raises money for something, but I have no idea what it’s for.” 

Chris is a student that often buys pizza during Mr. Spear’s sales. Although, Chris isn’t the only one who does not know the purpose of the pizza sales. Even some teachers are not aware of the purpose.  

Mr. Dobbie, a teacher at UAIS, had a similar reaction to Chris, saying, “It raises funds for something, but I do not know what.”

Mr. Spear, the head of UAIS pizza sales and the UAIS CAS coordinator, claims that “I do mention [the purpose] in training in the spring during sophomore year, however I’m sure that isn’t retained by everybody.” 

To remind everyone about the purpose of the sales Mr. Spear tries “to mention it when I go into TOK classes.” 

So, what is the purpose of the pizza sales?

Well, according to Mr. Spear, “the purpose of the pizza sales is to raise money for a CAS fund for juniors and seniors who may need financial aid for their CAS projects.”  

As some juniors and seniors may already know, CAS is a tedious yet vital part of the IB diploma, and although everyone is required to complete a CAS project, some projects may require a little too much of an investment for students to handle themselves.  

So, Mr. Spear uses the money to fund students’ research whenever they may need it. In fact, some students have already contacted Mr. Spear for assistance with their CAS projects, which proves that some people do know the purpose of the pizza sales. 

Mr. Spear works with students to find an adequate solution so that the fund does not get drained easily. So don’t regard this as a crutch. However, don’t get discouraged either, as Mr. Spear and each CAS advisor will no doubt try to help everyone reach their CAS project dreams.