UAIS kicks off Homecoming with the first spirit week of the year 


Aubree Clark, Reporter

After almost two years of Covid-19 taking its toll on the school, student senate was able to organize a successful Homecoming spirit week. Spirit days have always been a way for students to release stress and have fun during the school day, but this year especially, senate members tried to create spirit days that would bring back some spirit to the school.  

Daniela Gardner, a senate member, said that “it took a lot of discussion to find spirit days that all of the student body would enjoy.”  

Since the days are made by senate alone, the overall student body does not get to pick them. This may cause some talk between students about which days they like and which they do not.  

This spirit week included pajama day, character/celebrity day, twin day, country vs. country club day, and future college day. After talking to members of the student body, this has been one of, if not the best, spirit weeks UAIS has had.  

“Spirit days definitely bring the overall morale of the school up,” Gardner said.  

Senate never knows how a spirit week may go before it happens and can not predict how the rest of students are going to feel about it. The first day was pajama day, which was perfect because the students had just participated in the annual Powderpuff game. Later in the week, one of the most liked spirit days occurred: county vs. country club. The feedback and participation from students were amazing and one could say it was the best spirit day the school has seen in a while.  

The teacher supervisor of Student Senate, Mrs. Khan, agrees with the student body.

“Country vs. country club has been my favorite spirit day as I got to wear my old work uniform from a saddlery,” she said. 

Looking throughout the years, seniors have always gone all out, as it is their last year. Whereas underclassman tend to not participate for fear of it being embarrassing. Seniors say that thinking back to their past high school years, they wish they would have participated more.  

Jasmine Watford, a UAIS senior, said “the spirit days have always made me really excited for Homecoming.” 

Embracing the school and showing their spirit makes the students happier and creates a positive school environment. UAIS senate, staff, and students have all worked hard to make the school a safe and open space where people can express themselves and spirit days have helped students show creativity and personality.