Recycling club coming back with opportunity for CAS hours


Kevin M. Nguyen, Reporter

Recycling Club is coming back this year, headed by juniors Nikolai Araujo-Pedroza, Riya Jacob, and Sean Santos. They hope to host activities that help the environment by collecting the recycling bins around the school and doing recycling activities such as making their own paper. The one time cost to join is $5.

Juniors and seniors can also earn up to 30 service hours by participating. The club will take place in room 359 (Maultaupt’s room) every other Thursday, starting October 14th, and will run after school until around 3 p.m.

The leads are also looking into joining PepsiCo’s Recycle Rally program. Recycle Rally allows members of a recycling club to gain points by recycling; the students can redeem the points for various rewards and prizes, such as clothing and even Amazon gift cards. They hope that the program will aid in engaging members.

“It’ll push you into actually wanting to recycle your cans, your papers, your water bottles,” Jacob said.

Their supervisor, Mr. Multhaupt, sees the future of the club going well.

“The students that are involved seem genuinely interested in keeping the recyclable materials out of the landfills,” Multaupt said.

The board members’ enthusiasm, along with other students’, supports this sentiment.

The recycling club is “a good way to help out the environment and gain service hours,” junior Nicholas Chandzel said.

Some students fear that the club may conflict with other activities. However, with such a small footprint, costing an hour every two weeks, it may be worth it for the 30 service hours and potential prizes.

“Honestly, if it’s just one hour every other week, I may consider it,” junior Numair Hussain said.

The return of the recycling club will no doubt make the school greener along with helping students along with the IB program. Its frequency and duration allow flexibility and a small commitment that fits all but the most rigid schedules.