Muddy Powderpuff game ends in tie


Ava Deason, Reporter

This past weekend at Chippewa Valley Highschool, UAIS and IAM went head-to-head in a rainy flag football match, ending in a 6-6 tie, the first ever to happen.  

On Saturday, September 25th, the teams and their fans set up for a muddy match-off, with the UAIS players having their own mini-tailgate. Originally, the tailgate was set to be a schoolwide event at George-George Park, until untimely flooding cancelled it. The girls got hair done, faces painted, and got some food before going to warm-up. 

 After getting set up on the field, the game began with the Phoenix on defense. They started strong with senior lineman Cassie Hasaj pulling multiple flags throughout the first half, and junior linebacker Ava Deason having a close interception. 

On offense, receivers Genna Grbic, Angie Kim, and Vicky Rios got some good runs thanks to quarterback Celine Twal. However, the MVP of the game was linebacker and junior Daniela Dushaj, who scored a touchdown interception during the first half:  

“[N]o way I’m about to score the first touchdown of the game. I’m just glad I made the team proud,” Dushaj said.  

By the time the halftime show rolled around, UAIS was still leading and in a good mood, ready to see the boys cheerleading team.

“[Our routine] wasn’t too difficult…we rehearsed it so many times we knew what to do no matter the weather,” Freshman Blake Deason said.  

The boys danced to songs from “Kiss me Through the Phone” by Soulja Boy, to “Love Song” by Selena Gomez, performing stunts such as lifting each other into the air.  

The Phoenixes were hyped up after the exciting show, and with the weather turning for the better, victory seemed so close. The team continued to play strong, unfortunately not scoring another touchdown, but still keeping IAM away.  

However, in the last 3 seconds, IAM ran the ball into the end zone, scoring a touchdown and causing a tie game for the first time in the history of these games.  

“The game itself was a ton of fun. We were all yelling and cheering each other on, and overall I would say that it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a school-related event” said Vicky Rios, freshman, after the game.

The two teams ended the game with high-fives, smiles, a group photo, and the UAIS girls doing their last chant of the season, a perfect send-off to a rough game.