Quarantine Mental Health Activities


With such a tumultuous year, finding ways to stay mentally sane can be challenging. According to reports from the CDC, inquires on topics like mental health resources have skyrocketed over the past year. Among these statistics is the grave realization the teens are most at risk for depression and suicide. However, seeking out experiences that promote mental wellness is an important part of maintaining your health. 

Some have sought out more traditional methods of practicing good mental health. Using a journal to keep track of your thoughts can be a great way to reflect. Over the quarantine, senior Ryan Boring began his own journal. When asked about his thoughts on journaling, he said, Journaling helps me to clear my mind and crystalize my thoughts into something more coherent so I can better understand how I’m feeling”.  

One of Peter’s plants, a Day Lily.

However, traditional methods are not always effective in improving our mental health. In attempting to find inner peace, junior Peter Wathen began his own garden. He felt that quarantine gave him the perfect opportunity to start a project that requires so much attention. Not only is gardening a valuable skill, but also an activity that requires patience and consistency. Involving yourself in long-term projects can provide a perspective that makes us feel grounded and secure.

Another popular activity over the quarantine was cooking. Senior Natalie Safo decided to take a different approach, however. While fighting against her boredom, Natalie learned how to make her own boba. Boba, which are small tapioca balls mixed into milky tea, is a complicated recipe that requires plenty of patience. Finding moments to take a break and enjoy yourself is important for conserving your mental energy. 

Whatever your hobbies may be, involving yourself in activities can relieve stress and fight off feelings of depression and anxiety. Doing things that make you happy is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Especially in the chaos of the last nine months, taking care of your mental health is of the utmost importance.