Studio Art


Acrylic paint by Dianna Palazzolo

Carter Kemmerling, Writer

Still life by Natalie Safo

As some of the underclassmen being to approach the start of their IB years, they have to begin considering their course selections. Though our school does do well explaining HL, SL, and other core classes, what they sometimes fail to discuss are the elective courses in more detail.

As a junior and senior, each year UAIS students select a year long elective class of their choice. The current options are as follows: yearbook, team sports, and visual arts to name a few. These classes provide a nice change of pace from the otherwise rigorous IB curriculum and allow us a bit of time to relax.

Mrs. Khan’s studio art class, which she describes as, “a class were student can come from all different levels of experience and express themselves freely”, is one of the classes you may choose. While some student might at first be hesitant to join because of their limited abilities, Mrs. Khan helps nurture the skills of all students whether they are beginners or experienced HL seniors.

During an interview with senior Natalie Safo, she said, “I was never very good at it [art], but as Mrs. Khan helped us and gave us tips, I ended up drawing a still life for our midterm and was shocked at how well it turned out. I didn’t expect my abilities to change so fast even though we were only half way through the year”.

Also, as this class is intended to be an exploratory art course, students are exposed to all types of mediums, styles, and subjects. They get the opportunity to work with mediums such as watercolor and pen and ink, creating still lives, portraiture, and various other pieces.

Senior art student, Dianna Palazzolo, says, “This freedom allows me to be creative with what art I make, and for that reason, it’s definitely a class I look forward to.” It is through this that many students develop a newfound passion and appreciation for the arts.

Even if you are still unsure if this course is the right fit for you, hopefully you now have an idea of what to expect from this elective or any elective class that you may pursue.