UAIS Quarantine and Summer Jobs

Ethan Erkkinen, writer

UAIS Summer Jobs

This time last year, the world shut down.

The economy tanked because of the statewide shutdowns. However, young workers such as myself and classmates capitalized on this opportunity. With school basically nonexistent, we found other ways to occupy our time, one of which was finding a job. There is a wide range of employment, from fast food to party stores to veterinarian clinics. I personally began my job in mid-April 2020, working at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, with Alexa Clampitt and Farah Sabri also starting their workplace beginnings there.

(Photo location: Tropical Smoothie Cafe on 16 and Van Dyke, photo credit: Ella Krause)

More than one-third of those who responded found jobs over the past year, and seniors, juniors, and sophomores alike found workplace opportunities over quarantine and summer. For example, Adam Khanfar switched jobs 3 times over the past year, beginning at Firehouse Subs, transferring to Subway, and finally ending up at Walmart working alongside Ethan Gertsch, Ryan Haines, and Saim Rafiq. Aero Battaglia started their work career at Taco Bell, while Jerome McCreadie, a sophomore, started working at Goodison Veterinary Center, working with animals.



(Photo location: Goodison Veterinary Center, photos credit: Jerome McCreadie)

Since the shutdowns drastically increased layoffs, companies are now on the lookout for new employees to replace the ones lost during the pandemic. Unemployment rates are dropping faster than they have in a while, and job opportunities are everywhere. It’s no wonder that high school students are able to get jobs so easily, as they are usually a blank slate. UAIS students also have an advantage, because our students learn quickly and well. As everyone gets older, it’s important to join the United States workforce to keep our country running smoothly, and high school students play an important role in that field.