UAIS Yearbook Journey

The method behind the madness.


UAIS yearbook is delivered late August during registration day. By having a fall delivery, the yearbook staff can include Summer Olympics, senior graduation, and the last day of school.

Throughout the yearbook creative process, decisions need to be made regarding theme, graphic designs, and coverage ideas.  The adviser, Mrs. Yeokum, may oversee the process, but the student leaders and committees engineer the product. Each student is obligated to initiate plans, reach out to others, implement journalistic writing formats, and involve others when needed; “communication is the key to the process,” senior Lucas Robinson states.

Two students brainstorm potential themes for the yearbook.

Every year, the UAIS yearbook staff starts with a product that has no photos, captions, or overarching concept.  It is a completely blank slate. “This opens up many opportunities for creativity in the yearbook” says senior Aaron Bialecki. Incoming students learn photojournalism techniques, interviewing skills, and caption and feature writing. Some students explore creative skills with Photoshop or other editing tools to enhance visuals for the page and cover spreads while others explore graphic design.

Each year, staff face the challenge of receiving enough candid photographs to represent all students’ interests and activities. Our student body is spread over 66 square miles. “Coverage is a unique issue faced by our school’s yearbook,” explains senior Ethan Gertsch. In addition to UAIS clubs and student life activities, there are four home high schools of activities: marching bands, athletics, individual competitions, drama, and a variety of friend groups. There’s a lot to cover!

To help in this, yearbook staff relies on a community of photographers: other UAIS students, parents and extended family members. The strength of the coverage, and the resulting yearbook itself comes from those individuals sharing their photos. GIVE US PHOTOS!