The Key to Your Success

Thinking beyond just chords


Amy Jo Yeokum

Kids Against Hunger prep work at freshman orientation

So many high school students around the world participate in thousands of different clubs that their school has to offer. They may join because they’re interested in the activities that the club provides, or the club may offer leadership positions; however, many students participate in clubs because it may look great on a college application and you earn a chord for graduation. When a student walks across the state senior year, they may want to be as distinguished as possible. Keep this in mind: the benefits of chords and medallions are

only temporary.

When you join a club, such as Key Club, an amazing journey can become an impactful experience in a student’s life. Currently, Key Club has 250,000+ members across the globe. It is an organization where high school students perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. In the award-winning UAIS Key Club, they are sponsored by The Kiwanis Club of Sterling Heights and work toward incorporating the positive long-lasting effects within members’ lives.

Key Club kindness day activity including Jet Mezini, Heli Shah, Haley Puri, Rila Leka, and Julie Safo

Some of the permanent benefits that Key Club has to offer are time management skills reflected freshman Jet Mezini. Planning out when you’re going to volunteer and having to accommodate for the weekly Key Club Meetings helps a student practice for their daily lives.

Though Jet initially started working towards his senior medallion and receiving an outstanding status in Key Club, he recognizes the importance of the service he does in his community, such as the Kids Against Hunger food packaging. During his freshman orientation, he packaged food with other students at UAIS and has been a member of Key Club ever since.

Emily Hoyumpa, the division 16 Lieutenant Governor (LTG) on the Michigan Board, has helped plan a Kids Against Hunger Food Packaging and has participated in 6 of them. Her job as LTG entails “lots of emailing and communication with presidents and teachers that run Key Clubs in our division. I also go to meetings with the rest of the board to plan huge annual events and small details.” She learns how to communicate effectively with adults and other board members, as well as the responsibility of having a leadership position. These life skills will be utilized in college as well as in any career she may pursue.

Key Club provides a great addition to a college application due to the service atmosphere that it upholds, the leadership positions made available, and the organizations that it associates with such as UNICEF, March for Dimes, Nickelodeon, Thirst Project, and many more. The benefits that Key Club provides, temporary and permanent, attract many members such more than 25% of UAIS participates in the service geared organization. At first, many join for college applications, but they soon find that they also really enjoy volunteering while upholding the same benefits for college and so on.

Maybe now that you can recognize the long term benefits that Key Club offers or any club for the matter, you can appreciate the importance of participating in extracurriculars, not just for the temporary outcomes.