Forensic team finishing strong

UAIS Writing Board

This year’s team is the largest it has ever been and the numbers are just limited to member.   It appears that award numbers are up, too. The tournaments this weekend was the Novice State Tournament (first year competitors in forensics) along with an Open Tournament (anyone with at least one year of competition experience).  Results are as follows:

Novice Broadcasting:   4th place-Noah Schepke,

Novice Dramatic Interpretation:   3rd place-Katie Poindexter,

Novice Duo Interp:   1st place- Angelica & Alyssa Alpas , 5th place-Fiona Duncan & Lauren Fortunato

Novice Extemporaneous Speaking:   2nd place-Ryleigh Smythe

Novice Informative speaking:   7th place-Delaney Sacra

Novice Oratory Speaking:   6th place-Brendan Ngyuen

Novice Poetry Interp:   2nd place-Mohammed Chowdhury

Novice Prose Interpretation:   6th place-Hannah Benedict

Novice Storytelling:   3rd place-Beth Lajiness

Open Broadcasting:   8th place-Hannah D’Hondt

Open Dramatic Interpretation:   5th place-Paul Hannah

Open Extemporaneous Speaking:   3rd place-Patrick Pek

Open Impromptu Speaking:   6th place-Maya McCuiston

Open Oratory Speaking:   3rd place-Josh Skrinner

Open Prose Interp:   4th place-Jenna Alamat, 8th place Sophie Habashy

Open Storytelling:   2nd place-Willow Duncan, 3rd place Ian Bednarski

Overall, there were 16 finalists (top 6) and 3 semifinalists (top 12).  According to Mr. Kuhlman, “This is easily the best we have ever performed at this tournament.  Be sure to congratulate these kids and wish them good luck at their last invitation of the year this weekend at Walled Lake Western.”