What Goes on in the Mind of a Senior High Schooler?

Anna Kim, Reporter

College is a big topic on many of the senior’s minds. There are 129 colleges or universities that the seniors can choose from. Many of them chose to apply to at least more than two schools. Many of these schools are in state, out of state, and some of the braver students chose to apply to international schools. As they face many decisions, it’s interesting to see where their minds are at right now.


“So, in total how many schools did you apply to?”

Morgan Aho: “6.”

Gabi Andrzejewska: “22.”

Maria Gjini: “5.”


“Wow, so there’s already a big difference in numbers here. For you guys personally, how much is money a factor in where you will end up in college?”

Morgan Aho: “I want to be in college and graduate with the least amount of debt possible.”

Gabi Andrzejewska: “Money will basically tell me where I’m going to college. It will greatly influence where I end up going. And since I want to pursue my career in medicine, I know it’ll cost me a lot of money.”

Maria Gjini: “Money will greatly affect my decision and I hope to look for many grants and scholarships.”


“Okay, so do you think you’ll end up in state or out of state?”

Morgan Aho: “I only ended up applying to in-state colleges so I’m not looking to head out of state. Maybe for graduate school if I decide to end up pursuing more education, but for now, I’m staying in state.”

Gabi Andrzejewska: “Going out of state would be nice, but again that comes down to how much financial aid I can get from the schools and other scholarship opportunities. But I think staying in state wouldn’t be bad either, there are many great schools here in Michigan.”

Maria Gjini: “Most likely in state. Out of state is only possible with money but even then, it’s just easier to stay in state for me.”


“So, I know it’s still early to decide, but where do you think you will end up?”

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 Morgan Aho: “Definitely University of Detroit Mercy. I got their full athletic scholarship and I also get to play soccer, go into their Pre-PA school, all while saving money. It’s a great opportunity I have, and I can do this while not worrying about much debt I have.”



Gabi Andrzejewska: “It is still early to decide. Many of the schools I applied to will reveal their decision in the spring time, but I got a full ride to CMU so that’s also a huge consideration. But if I had to choose from the schools I got into so far, I’d want to go to MSU because I got into their Honors college and also their science college, Lyman Briggs.”

Maria Gjini: “I’m still waiting to hear back from other schools in the spring, but MSU is looking pretty good to me. I got into the Lyman Briggs chapter and I want to pursue my higher education in the science/medical field.”

Many of these seniors will still be deciding on what they want to do with their future. It is both an exciting and scary adventure. Students that applied for early decision/action have already gotten their results back, but the more prestigious schools still have them waiting until late March/early April for the final decision. They still have some time to decide up until May 1stat summer Olympics, they will all reveal

which college or university will help them grow and succeed with their own passions and dreams.