The Case for Apple

Mr. Dobbie, Guest Writer

When asked to write a defense of the Apple iOS over that of Android, I had to think…should I compose this on my iMac, my Macbook Air, my iPad or my iPhone?  (I’m going with the Air.) Maybe I’ll listen to some music, now where are my AirPods?

I’ve always been an ‘Apple guy.’ For me, it’s not just the looks (they do look good) or the membership in a not-so-exclusive club (I achieved official ‘fan boy’ status with a subscription to MacWorld magazine years ago) or even the thrill and status that comes with spending more money on devices that I could bought from a competitor for less.  It has always been that it just works.

The last PC I owned was in the early 2000s and frankly, it rarely worked in the ways I wanted it to.  I’ve also spent a career teaching in a PC-based school district, and as I’m sure you’ll all agree, they rarely seem to do the things we want them to do in a timely manner. Finally, I pinched my pennies together and bought my first iMac.  From there, I’ve never strayed.

They just work and on the rare occasion that they don’t, the Apple Store has always taken good care of me.

They’re simple. My toddler children could handle them. Even my Mother-in-Law can handle them.

They’re pretty.  The interface is appealing (it must be, Android copied it). My iMac looks good on my desk. The iPhone is still the best looking smartphone on the market.

They play nicely with each other. Apple has always worked to make sure its devices play well with each other.  They do.

I appreciate Android and everything it has brought to the table.  Its very existence has pushed Apple to continually improve its own devices. Competition is a good thing, and Android shouldn’t feel disappointed by being second.  Like Mr. Crossen learned from playing me in Trivia Crack.

Android owners, if there is one final plea I can make to you to show you the light and come over to all the simplicity, ease and beauty of the iOS world it is this: you’ve got friends.  They’ve got iPhones. They’re all tired of group text threads with you where they have to look at repeated texts of Brian Burak ‘laughed at “…” or Bryan Battaglia ‘Liked “…” or ‘Emphasized “…”  Just get an iPhone so we can see the thumbs up or exclamation points!  I’m talking to you, Kuhlman!!!