Art Exhibitions 2018

Gabriel Consiglio’s Exhibition

During junior and senior year, the current seniors at UAIS worked on their exhibitions that have been on display in the media center over the past few weeks. The exhibitions are a requirement for the IB diploma and are collections of their best artwork.

The exhibitions include several pieces all brought together by a certain theme. Some of the themes this year were “The Beauty of the Third World” by Pooja Patel, “Supernatural” by Tessa Peruzzi, “Your Worst Nightmare” by Rachel Bleser, “Superbloom” by Gabriel Consiglio, and “Controlled Chaos” by Maja Pietrowicz .

Each exhibition includes a different amount of art pieces ranging from a variety of mediums: oil and acrylic paint, pencil, wax, etc. The artists’ exhibits are unique because the theme and the artwork that is created is specific to the artist that makes it.

The seniors at UAIS put a great amount of time and dedication into their exhibitions and hopefully are rewarded with high scores on their IB exams!