December Learner Profile Trait Recognition Award: Principled


Nicole Nugent, Reporter

“We act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, and with respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere. We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.


Here is how the learner profile winners feel about being principled:


“Being principled to me means leading yourself in the right direction. I think being principled helps you in the workplace and helps others to give you respect.” -Catrina¬†Cagalawan


“Just being a friendly person and taking time to say good morning to people. It’s the little things.”-Ryan Boring


“To me being principled is being honest with others around you and doing the work that you need to do whether it’s by yourself or with other people.” -Matthew¬†Bratkowski


“Just be good kids.”-Isabel Miranda