November Learner Profile Trait Recognition Award: Communicator


Nicole Nugent, Reporter


We express confidently and creatively in more than one language and in many ways. We collaborate effectively, listening carefully to the perspective of other individuals and groups.


This is what being a communicator means to the learner profile winners:


“Whenever I am absent I always contact my teachers letting them know and usually asking what kind of work I am going to be missing and what I need to make up. Communication is really important to learning. You can’t learn by sitting in a lecture the entire hour.”-Eric Burg


“Being a communicator means talking to everyone and speaking to everyone to understand what they mean, and if you don’t understand talk to others. If I have a question on a math problem and I ask the person next to me for help, I want them to explain it to me and help me to work it out.-Jennifer Hasaj


“IB taught me that being a good listener is just as important to communicating well with others as speaking up is.” -Maya McCuiston


“I like to communicate.”-Graham Mason