¡Feliz San Valentín! ¡Feliz día del amor y la amistad! ¡Feliz día de enamorados!

Valentine’s Day and more from Spain, South America, Colombia, and Bolivia


Abbey Herrmann, Reporter

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in many ways all around the world. Flowers, chocolate, and fancy dinners are common things on Valentine’s Day but the most important thing is to celebrate love. You can see partners holding hands, trading gifts, exchanging cards, and celebrating with balloons and hugs. These things are common in America, but Spanish-speaking countries celebrate this holiday of love in their own special way.

Spain celebrates Valentine’s Day in a similar way that the United States does. However, Spanish people celebrate with parades and fireworks. Many people also celebrate El día del libro y la rosa on April 23. This is when a woman gives her husband or boyfriend a book and the husband or boyfriend gives their wife or girlfriend a rose in return.

In most of South America, Valentine’s Day is known as El día del amor y la amistad, or Love and Friendship Day. As seen in the name, this special day is not just for lovers, but friends too! It is common for groups of friends to exchange cards, gifts, or balloons, and then go out to dinner all in the name of friendship.

In Colombia, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on September 20. On this day, it is popular to receive a gift from your secret admirer.

Bolivia also celebrates Valentine’s Day in September. Their day of love is on September 21 which is also the date of Children’s Day. It is common that people give cards, flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears to their friends, family, and lovers.

Whether in the United States or a Spanish-speaking country on the other side of the world, Valentine’s Day is a time for love, friendship, and feelings.