Famous Dex – Read About It (Album Review)


Cover artwork for Famous Dex’s READ ABOUT IT.

Cesare Manzella , Reporter

Dexter Gore, better known by his stage name, Famous Dex released his latest mixtape with Rich Forever records this winter. The tape titled Read About It has eleven new tracks from the young growing superstar.


Dex has been known for his wacky rhymes and sounding larger than life on his tracks, which he supports by presenting himself as a loud, boisterous, in your face persona. When it comes to Dexter’s music, it can be rather explicit but the energy he brings on all his songs and the bop he creates leaves the listener with a happy, highly energetic feel. As a result, Dex has been increasing in popularity the past couple of years and achieving more than ever before. His latest single, “Pick It Up” recently went gold in the United States, but did Dex strike gold again on his latest tape?


With slower paced, beautiful instrumentals Dexter shows the listeners another side of him. Instead of his boisterous rapping, Dexter sings and reminisces on his past with tracks such as “Remember Days I Was Broke”. On this track Dexter uses his singing to reminisce on the struggles he has faced throughout his life. Despite the move being out of character, in my personal opinion his singing is a good change of pace and adds a new depth to his catalog.


For returning fans of Dexter, no need to worry! He returns to his roots throughout the tape with bangers such as “Up”, a high energy song with a loud mix and thumping bass produced by none other than RonnyJListenUp. This track highlights the most successful aspects of this project, it’s amazing production and great features. Featured on the track is blow-up rapper Ski Mask the Slump God who arguably had the most successful 2017 campaign of any artist. Other artists featured on the tape include Dex’s Rich Forever label partners Rich the Kid, and the latest member of the label Jay Critch. “Spam” and “A Must” also follow Dexter’s usual pattern of high energy. While there is slight repetitiveness in the subject matter of these tracks, Dex’s unique flows and Hollywood production allow him to continue to bring his usual style in a package that seems fresh.


I can say I thoroughly enjoyed Read About It. If you are a fan of Famous Dex I would definitely recommend you check out this project. To those that aren’t fans of Dex and those that have never listened to Dex, I would still recommend trying out Read About It to hear Famous Dexter’s most versatile project to date!


(Note: The themes and beliefs of Dexter Gore’s music, as well as Cesare’s opinion on it does not represent the thoughts and beliefs of the UAIS as it is entirely his work)