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Team USA

The United States has dominated the snowboarding slopes in PyeongChang this week. Overall they have 4 gold medals from all of the snowboarding events. They have won both men and women slopestyle and the men and women halfpipe events for snowboarding.

The first gold medal of the Olympics for the United States came from 17 year old Red Gerard. He almost didn’t make his run as it was a hectic morning for him as he slept through his alarm and was rushing around just trying to get the event. Red Gerard fell on his first two runs and it came down to his third an final run to take home the gold. During his run, Gerard’s creativity was on full display, as he repeatedly used features of the course that other riders were ignoring.In the second rail section, he transferred over the hitching post with a stylish, tweaked-out frontside air before doing a 50-50 to tailslide to 270 out combo on the rail.On the first jump, he landed a switch backside 1260 on the angled jump, spinning against his natural direction of travel in the air for added difficulty.On the second jump, he opted to do a double cork off the quarterpipe takeoff instead of the traditional kicker that other riders were using.Then on the final jump, Gerard stomped a clean backside triple cork 1440 to put an exclamation point on his run.The result: Gerard was rewarded with an 87.16 from the judges, putting him in first place. He had to wait and see if his run held up though as he faced tough competitors in Canada’s Mark McMorris but his run was not enough to top Gerard’s 87.16 and Gerard took home the gold.

The next snowboarder to take home gold was Jaime Anderson. The weather conditions were very tricky and at one point caused a major 75 minute delay because of the strong wind gusts. On her first run Anderson had a strong rails section and a backside 540 she went on to unleash cab double cork 900 and a frontside 720 for an 83 point run and then decided to past on her next runs and took the gold. None of the other women even came close to Anderson and she repeated as women slopestyle gold medalist.

All of the hype around Chloe Kim was well founded. The 17 year old from California dominated the womens halfpipe and no one else was even close. After an amazing qualifying run she looked to cement her place and did just that. She was cool calm and collected before the finals even tweeting during her event. Kim set the bar extremely high on her first run, landing a backside air, frontside 1080, cab 720, frontside 900, McTwist and frontside inverted 720.That run scored her a 93.75 and gave her a huge lead over the rest of the field. She ended up falling on the second run but her score on the first run was big enough to give her the gold medal before her last run. Even though she had already won the gold she decided to leave no doubt. On her victory lap though, Kim stomped both of her 1080s, then landed the rest of her run. The final score from the judges: 98.25. And with that, Kim was officially the new Olympic champion. She lived up to the hype and was totally dominate.

The mens halfpipe was probably one of the most intense events of the Olympics so far. Shaun White was looking to become a 3 time olympic gold medalist and his qualifying run put everyone on notice. The whole field of competitors made the competition tough as a lot of people posted scores over 90. Shaun White decided to overshadow everyone and threw down a 98.5 score during QUALIFYING. This set up a very intense finals. Japan’s Ayumu Hirano and Australia’s Scotty James were the ones who were pushing White the most in qualifying and they Both threw down huge runs in the finals. They both scored above 90 and Hirano was sitting at 95 which topped White’s 94 from his first run, and since White crashed on his second run the pressure was on White to deliver a huge run to win the gold. He stepped up. He landed the frontside double cork 1440 on his first hit, then successfully put down the cab double cork 1440 to complete the combo. From there he finished out his run with a frontside 540, the double McTwist 1260 and a frontside double cork 1260. And all throughout the run, he showcased the signature amplitude that has made his halfpipe runs a must-see attraction throughout his whole career. The score from the judges was a 97.75, enough to knock Hirano out of the top spot. And with that, White officially reclaimed his title and avenged the memories of Sochi that have haunted for the past four years. This also gave the United States its 100th gold medal in the Winter Olympics and Shaun White achieved olympic immortality.

Overall the snowboarding has been the United State’s strongest events at the olympics but they also took bronze in the team figure skating event and they had strong showings in the Luge competitions as well.

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