UAIS: Debate State Success


Ryan Nick, Editor-In-Chief

At UAIS, the students excel at, well… excelling! This past December’s state competition  for the Debaters was just another example of their nearly-endless hard work finally paying off. Here’s the report from their favorite theater teacher and esteemed debate coach – Mr. Kuhlman:

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how the UAIS Debate team faired this past Saturday at the Michigan Interscholastic Forensics Association Debate State Championship at Wayne State University.  In total we had 30 debaters competing in two different forms of debate: Public Forum and Legislative.

In Legistlative debate, we had 5 Novice competitors and 9 Varsity competitors.  All 5 of the novice competitors made finals with 4 of them placing in the top 10.  Final placements were: 3rd place-Lauren Pietryga, 5th place-Alex Hughes, 7th place-Sam Sinutko, and 10th place-Jenna Alamat.  Eight of the 9 varsity competitors made the final round with ALL 8 STUDENTS PLACING IN THE TOP TEN!!!  Final placements were: 10th place-Mina Kandelchy, 8th place-Addi [sic] Soderberg, 7th place-Joey Kachachi, 6th place-Kylie Lynne, 5th place-Colin Solomon, 3rd place-George Paul, 2nd place-Elina Arbo, and your STATE CHAMPION–Farah Afify.

In public forum, we had 5 novice teams competing and 3 varsity teams competing.  The novice teams did very well though they did not place.  All of them improved through the year and were very grateful for their growth.  They include: Farah Sabri & Rileigh Smythe, Noah Schepke & Brady Hannah, Delaney Sacra & Lauren Patrick, Kendall Malburg & Jack Sanitate, and Lily Sawyers & TJ Malempati.  In varsity Public Forum, two of our teams had records of 4-1 in 5 rounds of preliminary competition (Maya McCuiston & Hnnah [sic] D’Hondt, Paul Hannah & Josh Skrinner), and one had a perfect record of 5-0 (Patrick Pek & David Tambat).  The team of Patrick Pek & David Tambat were state semifinalists.  Patrick Pek also finished as the Public Forum State Champion Speaker. This is an exceptional accomplishment for these teams.

Without question, this is the best our team has every performed at States.  As a result, we are very likely to three-peat as the overall team State Champions (yet to be calculated)!  Be sure to congratulate any and all of the aforementioned students when you see them.”

Evidently, the UAIS Debaters are a force to be reckoned with! They will undoubtedly have another great year in the 2018 season.

Thanks for tuning in!