Senior Brings Fashion Week to UAIS

Julia Malewicz, reporter and photographer

Dress rehearsal for the upcoming fashion show

While it was fashion week in Paris, senior Peri Macinic brought fashion week to UAIS with the 5th annual UAIS Charity Fashion Show that took place on March 10th. This show started at UAIS as a fundraiser for the art program and has continued to grow and raise more money every year. Every year the creator of the show picks a theme, and Peri chose transparency. Along with choosing the theme, she got to decide how to produce the show. Peri says her inspiration came from crystals and she “decided to choose transparency because it can be interpreted literally and metaphorically.” The image of crystals could be seen in the advertisements, decorations, and throughout the show.

Putting together the show was not an easy feat. Peri, for the first time in the history of the show, made the night a fashion show, vendor show, and art show all in one. It took Peri months of hard work to prepare for the show. She was chosen to lead this large production the end of her junior year, and worked hard to pull it all together. But she didn’t do it alone. There were approximately 80 people involved in the show and Peri thanks “the board, the managers, Mrs. Khan, and everybody involved” in helping her “learn as she went along.”

Peri herself was among one of the fabulous designers whose designs were showcased on this spectacular night.  Her collection included four pieces and was called “Dark Transparency.” She was inspired by the theme of the show and “wanted to experiment with new shapes and textures to create simple but interesting designs.” When asked before the show what she was most excited for, Peri said, “I think I am most excited for the day of the show and seeing all the hard work myself and others have put into the show. Each year that I have created a collection, I have been so proud of myself, and I know that this year I will complete my biggest accomplishment so far.”

The show was a smashing success and Peri is confident with the future of the show. Juniors Gabe Consiglio and Sehrish Hussain will be choosing the theme and deciding how to produce the show for next year’s 6th annual UAIS Charity Fashion Show!