Music Matters


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Ashley Brys , Reporter

Mr. Kuhlman and Carmella Boykin, Senior, dabbing while passing each other in the hallway.

Hello, is it too late, now, to say sorry cause ever since I left the city you think I’m crying on my own but I ain’t. Sound familiar? These words are lyrics from the Top 5 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 Songs for 2016. These songs are ranked the Top 5 songs because they were continuously listened to by individuals throughout the world. People are constantly listening to music, and ranking it saying, “This is the best song ever!” People categorize songs as the best, or Top Songs of the Year, but how do people measure the quality of music? Music is an aspect of everyone’s life.  Whether it be jingles on TV, music on the radio, or tunes on your phone, people listen to music on the daily. In fact, Chloe Roland, Junior, believes that music is the center of her life. So, if music is incorporated into everyone’s daily life, what makes it so important?

Tyler Nguyen, Junior, listening to music while studying in history.



Music can be vocal, instrumental, or a combination of the two. But regardless of what type of music people listen to, music is part of life. Due to all the new music apps provided for people, artist can make their music more accessible, and individuals can listen to any type of music more frequently. These new apps have created a new flow of music and have allowed individuals to express themselves in a way that words cannot express. Music is more than just a jumbled up pile of rhyming words, and a catchy beat in the background. Music is something everyone can feel and connect with. When words fail, music speaks.

Isabella Elias, Freshman, is making art while listening to it.

Without music, what would fill the silence people experience when alone? What would people dance around the house to or do at parties? According to Megan Kujawa, Senior, music is important because it gives people a place to go, like an escape. People can imagine themselves in so many different places with different types of music.

Overall, music doesn’t just serve as a sound that accompanies the silence. It’s an outlet for creativity.  As displayed by the pictures, music is enjoyed by everyone whether it be at a concert, listening to music at school, or singing music with friends. Music connects people, and creates an emotional response within people, which allows them to feel things a human mind simply cannot express. Brendan Valentine, Junior, believes music helps put into words some of the most confusing ideas about emotions, human beings, and life in general.

So, yes, songs can be ranked and called the best, but, in reality, all music serves a purpose. Whether jazz, pop, alternative, or rap, music makes people feel happy, or sad, or happy and sad. Music makes people feel alive. After all, music is living, that’s why our hearts have a beat.

Matthew Marroki and Sophia Popkin having a jam session in history class.