Senior College Decisions

Allison Griffiths, Reporter

Decisions, decisions, decisions! This is an important time of year for seniors deciding on which school to attend next fall. There are multiple factors that play a role in making this tough decision.  While many seniors have already decided on where to attend school for the next four, years, others are still weighing their options. As the May 1st, final deadline for college decisions is approaching, the senior class of 2017 is going to have a lot to think about.

With the college application process essentially over, many seniors are waiting to hear back from schools before making their final decision.

Students applied to a variety of different schools, some in Michigan and some out of state. Senior, Jakob Emrich has “yet to decide” where to go to school. “I am waiting to hear back from the University of Michigan before I decide,” he said.

Above is a pie chart of the top ten schools the senior class of 87 students applied to. Source: Data provided by Mrs. Fitzsimonds through Naviance Chart created:

Another senior Patrycja Sobierajska is also waiting to hear from a couple schools. “As of now I am undecided,” she shared. “I am waiting to hear from University of Chicago, but if not there then I will be attending University of Michigan in the fall,” she explained.

Some seniors have already made their college decision. Vanessa Steele will be attending Wayne State University next fall. When asked what was a deal-breaker in choosing Wayne as a school she offered up, “The location and programs offered were important in my decision.”

Other seniors narrowed down their options before making their final decision. For Gasser El-Mahrouky, who will also be attending Wayne State University, “The cost and scholarship money played a role in my decision. For me, it was between Wayne State and Michigan State University.”

The past couple months have been an exciting, busy and nerve-wracking time of filling out applications and waiting to receive acceptance letters in the mail. Beyond the normal application process, some students had to participate in additional essay writing and interviews. “I needed a letter of recommendation and had to pass a physical fitness test for the program I was going into at West Point,” Jakob Emrich said when asked about his application process.

With guidance from teachers and counselors along with the usage of  CommonApp, the application process went relatively smooth for students. For Patrycja, “I had to write additional essays and for UPenn I had an interview. At first I thought it was intimidating, but it wasn’t that bad.”


The next four years will be an exciting time with many new  academic and social opportunities. When asked what he is most excited about for college Gasser said, “I am excited for new opportunities and experiences and to get ready to set up my future.”

It is anticipated that college will be different from high school. For Vanessa Steele she shared, “I am excited to pick my own classes and not have to take the same classes.”

College is going to be a different transition into a new environment, however with the preparation and support from UAIS, it should be a fun, and exciting time filled with new opportunities for students to thrive.