Students of Spring Break


Top 10 Spring Break Destinations

Kassie Christodolu, Reporter

Spring break is a time to spend with friends and family, at home or on vacation. Regardless where it’s spent, it’s important to make sure you RELAX.

Although “relaxing” is an unfamiliar concept for most UAIS students, senior Allison Griffiths will make sure she does this by “just relaxing at home with family.”

Sophomore Graham Mason and freshman Ethan Dondonan both stated they think Florida is the most popular spring break spot for Americans because “it’s warm” and “has been a hotspot for many years with a lot of attractions.” Both stated that “this is a place [they’d] be interested in visiting.”

The other “hot-spot” students reported being the most popular destination is Mexico. Senior Brad Hall thinks this is because “in Michigan a lot of families want to get away and find the hottest place they can go.” According to, Mexico experiences highs of 90º Fahrenheit and lows of 73º Fahrenheit during the month of April, making this the perfect tropical destination.

Sometimes, these get-away vacations are not always attainable, so students shared what a dream vacation would be if money and time were not an issue. For junior Robbie McQueen, he stated that he “would like to visit either the Bahamas or California.” He also added he would bring “bae” (Read: babe). Unlike Robbie, senior Brad Hall would stay in the United States. “I would like to go to Atlanta, Georgia because I think it’s the coolest city in the U.S.” Brad stated that he “would take [his] future girlfriend” on vacation with him.


Luckily for some students, their dream vacation is becoming a reality for the Spring Break of

Barcelo Palace in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

2017. Senior Ashley Brys reported that “[She’s] already going on [her] dream spring break. [She’s] going with one of [her] best friends, Kassie Christodolu, soooo [she’s] pretty much going on [her] dream trip… but [she] has to pay for it.” Ashley shared that her and Kassie are “going to Riviera Maya, Mexico to have the time of [their] lives.”

Another best friend duo going on their senior

spring break are Sophia Lorenzetti and Felicia Soderberg. Sophia exclaimed that her and Felicia are “going on a road trip to Catskill Mountains in New York. We’re staying at my

The Roxbury Motel, New York.

uncles’ motel and are going to stop by Niagra Falls, Canada on the way there.” Sophia’s uncles own a motel called The Roxbury Hotel. Their motel has been featured on multiple reality TV shows, such as HGTV’s America’s Best Kept Secrets. The video can be seen here.

Though several students of all different grades will be spending the spring break of 2017 differently, one thing can be sure: everyone will be getting the relaxing break they deserve. Have fun!