Battle of the Brightest


Students compete against each other in an intense game during last years Battle of the Brightest.

Gabby Geromin, Reporter

This past Friday March 10th at UAIS was the second annual Battle of the Brightest, an intense competition between the four high schools with Utica and Eisenhower competing against Stevenson and Ford.

So what is Battle of the Brightest? According to Junior Lucas (Luke) Santavicca, who ran the CAS project with Junior Robert (Robbie) McQueen, Battle of the Brightest included “a series of athletic-based events that challenge[d] the students physically, mentally, and as a collective team.” Whether they participated in the event or were merely a spectator, the battle gave each student a chance to show home school pride.

Although the Battle of the Brightest is an annual event, Luke and Robbie made this year’s battle new and exciting. This year had all new activities and events such as tug-of-war and dodge ball, as well as new school-specific t-shirts for every participant.

All of the proceeds from Battle of the Brightest went directly to the winning team, Stevenson and Ford. With the $500 in sponsorships, ticket sales and participation fees, they were able to donate $500 to each school.

Despite the UAIS Charity Fashion show being on the same day, over 50 people attended.