IASA Show: In Preparation

This is the official logo for Utica Community Schools 2017 IASA show.

This is the official logo for Utica Community Schools 2017 IASA show.


IASA is the Indian American Student Association that puts on an annual cultural show every year. The club is made up of students who take time out of their schedules to make this show possible. Students volunteer to be choreographers and dancers for the 6 dances preformed at the show. The show will be on May 26th this year, and students have been preparing for months now. 

IASA itself can be described as a diverse club of students who put on an annual cultural show at the end of each school year. President, Pooja Patel, shares the details of how the club is run: “This club is very much student-driven. All the board members are high school students as well as the club members. This club is successful because of student leaders and dedicated club members.” Patel goes on to explain where the dances are in their preparations for the show: “Dance practices have been up and running since January and choreographers have been doing great at keeping things on schedule with their dances.” It is safe to say that the students involved in IASA are very dedicated and hard-working. They have been working on dances since January and plan to perform in late May. Patel states that, “There is still much to do like gather artwork for show day, finish dances, find a d j, and much more, but we still have a few months until show day.”

A major role in IASA are the choreographers. The choreographers plan the entire dance and teach students who wish to preform on show day. Choreographers are chosen from tryouts by last years board. Sandra Andrews, junior, is choreographer of hip hop and was asked how things are going with the dance. Andrews was very confident in herself and her dance as she explains: “Hip Hop is on schedule! We have finished 3 songs as a whole group and the guys and girls will be finishing and cleaning up their separate parts of the dance.” Each choreographer is given a dance schedule they need to follow in order to be ready for the IASA show. This schedule is provided by the board. Sandra states, “I do feel pretty confident because we’re not behind in the dance.” She also states that she loves to choreograph because she loves the dance and takes her own time with it. However, she states, ” It can get hectic at times when trying to control 13 other people at once.”

Another key choreographer in IASA is senior Hannah Paul. Paul is choreographer of classical. She has been preparing by “watching lots of different classical-based videos and listening to lots of songs.” She said that her dance is coming along well and is finalizing songs. Being a choreographer has positive and negative aspects to it. Paul was asked about the positive aspects and responded with, “They’re able to practice at home when they don’t make it to actual practices and make in an easier environment for me to teach,” referring to the dancers. A negative aspect is finding practice dates that work for everyone. With busy schedules it can be difficult to find a time that works with everyone.

IASA is a very unique club that involves the most dedicated students and dancers. It can be said that all the members involved work very hard in order to put on a great show. The show will be May 26th this year at Henry Ford Auditorium. Tickets and time will be announced as the show date comes closer. This will be a show you can’t miss! The dancers are ready to show off everything they have prepared for. 


Above is a picture of IASA members at practice.