Welcome to the Academy: UAIS Extravaganza 2017

Jessie Gougeon , reporter

On February 14th, 2017, UAIS hosted its annual Extravaganza night for prospective students. This event was designed to give 8th graders applying to the program, and their parents, an opportunity to see what life is like at the academy.

The evening began with various theatre performances in the cafeteria, followed by a speech from Head of Program Mr. Spear and Program Coordinator Mr. Layson. Afterwords parents and prospective students had the opportunity to visit classrooms and discuss with current students and teachers about their experience at UAIS.

In each classroom there were different events going on varying from a French play to a Chemistry experiment. The families were able to see each aspect of class and life here at UAIS.

Guests were also able to see information from the different clubs here at UAIS and hear from guidance counselor Mrs. Fitzsimonds and senior class members about the college advantage of attending UAIS.

Overall, the event was extremely successful with over 400 people in attendance, the shadowing schedule completely booked, and a record-breaking number of applications submitted.

Due to the increased numbers of applicants, the application process is slightly different this year from years previous. The class of 2021 no longer has a GPA requirement when applying, and they must complete Algebra I before the fall of freshman year. The testing process is, also, different because although the testing format is the same (math, essay, and Socratic circle) there is now a minimum score which must be achieved, and they must still pass at least two out of the three exams.

As the years go by, UAIS has grown in popularity and changed in many ways, but what has remained are passionate students, staff, and an impressive amount of success which the UAIS extravaganza is a great opportunity to showcase all of these.