Season’s Eatings

Shifting snacks may indicate shifting seasons.

Seasons Eatings

Nate Bratkowski, Reporter

Due to the warmer weather this past February, popular seasonal snacks temporarily became more warm-weather oriented than in previous years.

Many would argue that weather alone is considered to be one of the best ways of identifying what season it is. However, most would overlook the importance of which types of food are eaten in determining the climate. ForĀ  example, things like soup or a mug of hot cocoa would make people think that it is winter outside, whereas something such as a slice of watermelon or a tray of ice pops would remind someone of the warmth brought forth by summer.

In spring, foods that have a lot of green items tend to be popular, especially salads. Those with a more diverse palette, like one of the writers for ABC News, mentioned that even some more obscure choices like dandelion greens may be a good choice. In fall, nothing beats an old-fashioned slice of pumpkin pie. Dishes including squash are also a favorite during the autumn months.

However, this past February has been significantly warmer than those of past years. Because of the sudden heat, students reported that drinks such as hot cocoa are less popular than usual, while warm-weather foods like iced beverages and ice cream are more popular because of the increase in demand for cool things to keep the cool kids cool.

Since March has been both warm and frigid so far, we can only guess as to what the latest food trends for the month will become, it is said that we will have a mix of both types of food.

Many would argue that the food determines the season, but in reality, the season determines the food.


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