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From: mycolormusic.com

From: mycolormusic.com

Magda Wojtara, Reporter

There is a large amount of diversity in the student body here at the UAIS. A true reflection of this being the varied music tastes held by many of the students. Music has often been said to be one of the most powerful communication tools of humankind as it stretches beyond borders and has united people all over the world since Prehistoric times.  At UAIS the students are united in their acceptance of a multitude of cultures, genres, and beliefs. This is exemplified in the multifarious music tastes held by the student body.

Pictured Above: Mary Zylinski, junior, has an appreciation for Disco Polo.

Junior Mary Zylinski is of Polish heritage. She finds the concept of “Disco Polo”, which is a specific genre of Polish music, especially fascinating. Disco Polo is Polish disco music which originated in the 1980s but has continued to be played ironically at events even today. Some of the most famous groups associated with this genre are Boys, Akcent and Łobuzy. Zylinski, “strongly recommends” that everyone listen to disco polo at least once. Sophomore Julia Ubysz has a different opinion. Although “disco polo is played” in her house, she doesn’t really find it to be the most interesting.

Pictured Above: Jessica Onica, junior, favors Eurodance and Pop genres of Romanian Music.

Jessica Onica is of Romanian heritage and favors Eurodance or Pop genres of Romanian music. In her words,”You can get hype on folklore music all the time. There is a lot of variety even within Romanian Music- it varies from region to region.” Some of her favorite Romanian singers include Alina Eremia, Delia, Carla’s Dream, Florin Salam, and Inna. A fun fact Onica gave about Florin Salam is that “he is often played at weddings and makes a ton of money from it. Probably around 100k per wedding.”

Pictured Above: Emily Brown, junior, poses with as many Eiffel Towers as she could find to show how much she loves French music.
Pictured Above: Colin Syler, senior, loves classical French music.

Senior Colin Syler and Junior Emily Brown have been avid lovers of French music and music in general since a young age. Although Brown’s favorite kind of music is classical, she has an interest in a wide variety of sounds and genres. Her favorite French singers, Stromae and Edith Piaf, exemplify that. As an IB Music student, she stated,”In IB music each country or language has its own style.” In addition to their shared admiration of Stromae’s musical talents,  Syler enjoys the music of Tal and French classical composers such as Camille Saint- Saëns. Most importantly he thinks that French music has “varied themes and are much more diverse” and that is why French music appeals to him.

Pictured Above: Sneha Mathew, sophomore, thinks that coming to the IASA show is a great way to experience Indian culture, especially the music.

Sophomore Sneha Mathew is very proud of her Indian roots. She is from Kerala region of India which is known for its palm-lined beaches, Ayurvedic tourism, and is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in India. She especially recommends Arjit Singh, a recognizable face in Indian Music. Bollywood films often include multiple dance numbers and songs. Besides Indian music, Sneha is a huge Hip-Hop fan. In her words,” I Love J.Cole.” Sneha is a part of IASA which stands for the Indian American Student Association and “bleeds jazba.” Jazba translates to “passion” and that can clearly be seen in the performances of the UCS Jazba team and all other IASA performances such as Bhangara, South Indian and their annual fashion show which is a part of IASA’s Annual Culture Show.

Pictured Above: Jozann Bernal, junior, highly recommends Yeng Constantino for those that would like to listen to Philippine music.

Junior Jozann Bernal is of Filipina heritage and favors pop and dance genres of Philippine music. She appreciates Philippine music because of how “Philippine music doesn’t focus a lot on drugs, promiscuity, and vice.” Her favorite Tagalog singer is Yeng Constantino. She also listens to some Spanish music as she takes IB Spanish with Señora Burak.

Pictured Above: Dina Qiryaqoz, junior, recommends some famous Arabic artists such as Nancy Ajram and Hussam Al Rassam.


Junior Dina Qiryaqoz loves Arabic music as it reminds her of her childhood. Qiryaqoz states, “I can’t help but want to sing along. The fact I grew up with them makes them very important to me.” She recommends some famous well-known artists such as Nancy Ajram and Hussam Al Rassam.  There are, however, also some of her personal favorites such as, Myriam Fares, whose songs feature electronic beats, and Fadl Shaker. She especially recommends “Massari, a singer who does a good fusion of both English and Arabic music.”

Pictured Above: Adona Yu, junior, thinks that Chinese music is a cool fusion.

Junior Adona Yu is of Chinese heritage and favors pop, electronic and alternative genres of music. Some of her favorite Chinese artists are G.E.M, A-Lin and Li Ronghao. When asked what she finds unique about Mandarin music she responded, “It has evolved so much over time with some western influences added to it. This fusion is what makes it distinct.”


Pictured Above: Tori Motloch, senior, loves popular K-Pop groups.

Senior Tori Motloch loves Korean pop music! Although not being of Korean heritage she really enjoys this genre because of its “complexly choreographed and synced dances.”  She first discovered K-Pop around 7th grade and it spawned from her love of anime. Her love for this up and coming genre blossomed from that point on. She highly recommends the groups Shinee, Big Bang, BTS and Girl’s Generation. Shinee and Big Bang are two of the most recognizable groups of this generation and both have recently released new music after a hiatus.


The variety and acceptance of different cultures is a major aspect of UAIS. May the music keep inspiring and the legacy continue in years to come!