Gifts for Bae



This is an example of a jar you can make for bae that includes slips of paper with quotes, lyrics, reason why I love you, moments and memories.

Jessica Onica, Section Editor, Reporter/Photographer

It can be stressful trying to find the right gift for anybody, especially for that special someone. Should it be sweets, something homemade, or just taking them out to their favorite place? The possibilities are endless.

No one can go wrong with sweets. Chocolates, brownies, cupcakes, and candy are great gift ideas for anyone at any time of year. Even though Valentine’s day is the holiday associated with giving sweets, it’s a gift many people enjoy. It’s particularly good if you want to play it safe by not giving your new significant other something too special.

A sentimental gift to get your bae would be concert tickets.

However, what would you get for your significant other if you’ve been going out for a while? A gift that is sentimental is the way to go. Consider buying a gift that is related to a moment or a special interest the both of you share. For instance if you both have a favorite artist such as Beyoncé, you can try to get tickets to go to a concert together. You don’t always have to spend money. You could create a Spotify playlist that includes your bae’s favorite songs.

The gift can be inspired from a funny inside joke or a favorite moment you had with them. Giving them a sentimental gift shows that you have been paying attention to the relationship. For instance, senior Felicia Soderberg believes that a sentimental gift is the best way to go especially if you’ve been dating for a while. She does believe however, that the stage of the relationship matters when trying to decide what gift to get them.

An interesting gift you could get your bae is a sound wave of you saying “I love you”.

If you’re feeling artistic, making a gift will show your special someone that you have put in a lot of time and effort into creating it. For example, making a card with a poem written in it or a jar that has 100 reason why you love them, are all special and creative gift ideas for your partner.

Junior Maja Pietrowicz states, “I would rather like to make a lasting memory than really have a gift. They stay with you more but, just like anything else, getting a gift is always nice homemade or otherwise.”

Sometimes the occasion matters to determine what type of gift to get. Junior, John Braganza states that it’s not the stage of a relationship that matters but, it’s more the occasion. He continues by stating that an anniversary is an important time to plan a nice night out. “It’s important to acknowledge the time you spent together so taking her on a really planned out date would be nice.”

Gifts you should avoid buying for your bae include socks, cashew nuts, couples clothing, un-bougie bottled water, flash drives, off-brand perfume, or off-brand candy or foods.

Overall, the type of gift to get your significant other is based on your relationship. Some students think it is based on the stage of the relationship, while others think that the occasion (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.) matters more. No matter what, everyone enjoys a good bar of chocolate, as long as it’s name brand!