Swapping Spots


Jessie Gougeon

“I feel like I am coming home” senior Kassie Christodolu on returning to the parking lot behind the library.

Jessie Gougeon, Reporter

Beginning Monday, December 19 the junior parking lot became the new senior parking lot. Assistant Principle Kenneth Voakes implemented this change due to logistics. The old junior parking lot has more spaces and since there are more senior drivers, it made more sense for the seniors to park there.

Although the change seems logical, many students were opinionated and emotional about the change. Senior Kassie Christodolu shared excitedly, “I like the junior lot better than the senior lot. It is easier to navigate, there are no parent drop offs, and I also have a signature spot that I always parked in last year.” In general, the seniors seem excited about being back in the junior lot.

The juniors, however, were not happy about the change. Junior Elina Arbo commented, “A lot of the juniors are disappointed. I think it is just because we are inexperienced drivers and the senior lot is busier, so we don’t want to deal with that every morning.”

Although many juniors were disappointed by the news, they will appreciate the extra parking spaces next year as seniors. As of now, this change is permanent, but may change depending on the amount of drivers in each grade.