Slay the Day Away by Catching up on the Latest Trends


The Youtuber Jaclyn Hill

Brigitte Manquen, Reporter

“Easy, breezy, beautiful COVERGIRL!” “For hair this healthy it shines!” These slogans might sound familiar to you. They are catch phrases from the popular makeup brand Covergirl and the hair company, Pantene. Typically, people are bothered by spending their money, but indulging on a few makeup and hair products to catch up on the latest trend is exciting! This is because makeup and hair products help men and women look their best and feel the most confident.

Some recent trends that have increased in popularity are faux freckles, embellished hair parts, highlighting, and space buns. Faux freckles is a popular trend and are usually drawn on with a brown eyeliner to give the appearance of natural-looking freckles. Another makeup trend is highlighting, which is a makeup technique used to illuminate key features of the face. Also, the embellished hair part has been roaming social media. In order to accomplish this look all you have to do is add glitter to the roots of your hair with either dry shampoo or gel.  Space buns is a popular hairstyle too, which is making two high buns on the side of your head. The trendy hairstyles, including space buns and an embellished hair part is shown in the picture on the right.

At school Damaris Derecichei looks trendy while sporting two popular hair crazes that linger social media, including space buns and an embellished hair part (Source:Brigitte Manquen)

Junior Meghan Selvidge says that she “follow[s] the highlight trend because [she] love[s] the extra pop it gives to a normal makeup look.” According to an article from Bazaar, highlighting gives the face a fresh and dewy appearance, which makes men and women look youthful.

The Youtuber Nikkie sporting the highlighting trend (

Other students enjoy following the latest trends too, like the junior Sehrish Hussain. She says she enjoys “draw[ing] freckles on [her] face.” She feels content adding freckles to her face because it makes her “feel like a better version of herself.”

Some people might be intimidated by the latest trends, but senior Damaris Derecichei has been able to sport many trends, including “space buns, embellished hair part, ombré lipstick, and faux freckles.” She says that she feels “a sense of satisfaction” when she follows trends. Damaris agrees that her and most teenagers want to catch up on the latest trends to feel confident and to fit in, but she also values these trends because she feels that following trends allows her “to express [herself] in an art form.”

It might seem like a burden to take time out of your day to catch up on the latest fads, but surprisingly they are easy to find. Meghan Selvidge, Sehrish Hussain, and Damaris Derecichei admit to the simplicity of finding new makeup and hair trends on “Youtube”. In addition to Youtube, Meghan often finds trends on social media and Damaris gets inspiration “from the people around [her].”

Following trends can be a way for men and women of all ages to express themselves in their truest form. Be bold and discover a new trend in 2017 that captures your attention, to make you feel beautiful and confident “because you’re worth it!”