Vine Is Dead…

But not really!

Jessica Onica, Section Editor, Reporter/Photographer

Late last year, Twitter announced that they are discontinuing the app Vine and videos will now be posted directly onto Twitter. Vine gained popularity quickly because many vines were spontaneous and often extremely funny.

The first announcement was made on October 27, 2016, when the app created an option for creators to save their vines before the app is removed. Then on December 16, 2016, Vine announced that the app will be simplified to the Vine Camera. This will allow people to still make videos, but now the videos will be posted directly to Twitter or saved to the phone’s Camera Roll. The most recent announcement was made on January 5, 2017 that the app will be officially shut down on January 17, 2017.

The announcement of Vine being removed has received mixed reactions. Fans of the app started the hashtag “#VineIsDead” on Twitter where viewers and creators posted their favorite vines.  

Junior Karolina Lutrzykowska was so affected by the news that she spent the rest of the day looking through her favorite vines. One of her favorite vines involves toes and grass created by Nick Colletti.

The news also affected sophomore Cameron Pugh. She stated that some of her favorite vines have influenced her personality because she was able to make friends by talking to people about popular vines. Senior A.J. Espinoza was also saddened by the news because he thinks that Vine is a way for people to be funny and creative. King Bach and David Lopez are two of his favorite viners.

However, the news did not upset others too much. Junior Gabe Consiglio stated, “I’m not too upset because I watch vines through Twitter most of the time rather than through the actual app.” However, he would be upset if the actual vines are deleted. Freshman Abigail Brown agrees. She stated that she “doesn’t really mind” because she didn’t use the app itself that much. Luckily for them and all the other fans, they will not be permanently deleted.

Even though the thought of Vine being dead has affected many people, they can still enjoy vines through Twitter if they choose to create an account.