Staying Connected

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Julia Malewicz, Reporter

There is no arguing that technology plays a large role in everyone’s life. Technology is all around, from the computers sitting on every desk, to the cars passing on the street. Technological advancements have led various professions like science and the automobile industry to shocking new advancements. Younger generations use technology as well, but in a much different way. They spend a lot of their time using social media for talking to friends, entertainment, or for the news. Because of this, many school districts see various social media apps as a distraction. However, leaders of clubs at UAIS disagree and believe that these apps are very beneficial to the student body. Senior Saran Kaur, who serves as the Vice President of the UCS Indian American Student Association says that “these technologies help our club because we use them for promotional and informational uses.” Using apps like GroupMe, Saran is able to send quick reminders during the school day about practices and meetings. Not only are the apps beneficial to the student body, but to club leaders as well. Senior Lisette LeMerise, president of Key Club, states that as a result of regularly posting about events on Instagram and Twitter, they were able to attract 20 to 30 more students to joining the club.

Screenshot of UCS IASA Twitter page.
Screenshot of UAIS Key Club Instagram page.

Both Saran and Lisette also believe that these apps are very beneficial because they keep members engaged with the club. Not only are they able to recruit new members, but they also keep current ones excited and involved in what is going on in the club.

A survey done at UAIS shows that 41.33% of students use Twitter and 34.67% use Instagram. Of those, 35% use those apps specifically for finding out when club events and meetings are, and 72% for entertainment. So both clubs are using these resources wisely and promoting and growing their club on apps that are already largely used by the student body!