Money Beats the Dot

Of all the gifts requested in the survey, money won big.


Of all the gifts requested in the survey, money won big.

Nate Bratkowski, Reporter

For many, buying a gift for a teenager can be one of the most difficult things when the season comes around. However, maybe people are trying too hard! A recent poll of UAIS students claims that receiving money may be a better option than most people would consider.

In an online free-response survey put on by UAIS United this year that collected the most wanted gifts this past holiday season, the most requested gift by a significant margin was money. People expressed wanting money more than any other gift. Other top choices were clothing and shoes, but money consistently topped the charts, especially when things such as “money” and “cash” were all counted as one item.

This is the Amazon Echo Dot. It’s a little hockey puck-shaped speaker that users can talk to. It was supposed to be popular according to certain popular tech review sites..

Despite this, there were no apparent trends among the remaining responses. Those responses varied from inexpensive items to items over $10,000 USD. Jewelry, laptops, and even video games were all mentioned, but no strong relationship appeared.

The final non-free response question, though, asked whether people wanted to get the Amazon Echo Dot, a small $50 USD smart-enabled speaker that can be controlled by talking to it. It was seen by common tech review sites such as CNET as well as others to be given widely as a gift this holiday season, but over 60% of respondents had reported not wanting it as a gift this year.

It just goes to show you, nothing can be truly predicted as much as we always want it to be.